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Theresa, Go Forward Media

I’ve worked with Amy for many years
with multiple employers. Amy is a highly organized, detail oriented, independent and hard working always ready to put all her energy and stamina to get the job done. Amy is a team player and works well…

Eric, Maryland Outdoor Club

In the years that I have known Amy,
I have marveled at her planning and organizational skills. Her dedication to delivering what she promises, on time and as expected, is impressive and unmatched in my experience. (October 2012)

Tamara, Cygnus Business Media

Amy trained me when I began working at
Cygnus Business Media. The company had no formal training at the time, and Amy made my transition much easier by taking the time to bring me up to speed. She is intelligent, driven, and energetic.…

Martin, Cygnus Business Media

Amy encompasses all of the traits most aspire
towards. She is smart, hardworking, dedicated and full of viable ideas that help spawn creativity and innovation. Working with Amy was a great pleasure as she made it point to learn and understand those…

All About Amy

What people are saying about me on LinkedIn.  Here are just some of the recommendations.  Let me know if you need any additional references and I’d be glad to share.

Pam, Atlanta Outdoor Club

Amy is a high energy individual
that makes incredibly efficient use of her time. She is a smart, creative worker who does the work of three people but somehow makes it all look easy. She is wonderful to work with! Her quality of work is…