I have a knack for getting things in order.  My attention to detail and passion for executing plans have allowed me to bring to life social organizations such as the Atlanta Outdoor Club and the Maryland Outdoor Club.  Through both organizations, I have organized over two hundred events in the past 15 years.  Additionally, during my career, I project managed the MONOPOLY: Firefighters Edition, Law Enforcement Edition, and Emergency Medical Services Edition games along with Hasbro.

- Project Management

Organizing comes naturally to me, which is a key component to managing any project and staying on track with deliverables and the timeline. I have managed Web redesign projects for,,,, and to name a few. Additionally, I do hands-on email newsletter design, content population, banner ad design, social media, and SEO for many online projects. Some of my favorite past projects were the offline ones, bringing to life MONOPOLY: Firefighters Edition, Law Enforcement Edition, and Emergency Medical Services Edition in 2009 and 2010.

+ Event Planning

I guess event planning is in my blood. And, being organized is a big help in making sure all the little bits and pieces fall together when pulling off any successful event. I think what differentiates me, is that I tend to think of all the little things to ensure success for my events. And, I take what I learn from each executed event and apply enhancements moving forward. Between the Atlanta Outdoor Club and Maryland Outdoor Club, I've planned over 200 events, with anywhere from 10 to 100 people in attendance. Additionally, I have organized dozens of events for various groups over the past six years.

Sample Work

Produced 2010
The AED is charged up and you are ready to bring your patient back to life as you round the board to win the special Emergency Medical Services edition of MONOPOLY, presented by JEMS. As you buy, sell and trade your favorite properties, you'll need to muster all of your protocols, skills and EMS know-how to outwit your fellow EMTs, medics and responders to take command of all the EMS Stations and Hospitals you can afford. If you succeed, not only will countless lives be saved and tragedies averted, but you can claim your place as the Top Responder.
Maryland Outdoor Club
Founded 2002
The Maryland Outdoor Club (MOC) brings people together in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Most of our activities are oriented toward young professionals from the Baltimore and suburban Washington, DC areas, but the club is open to any adult in the U.S.! We have events at all experience levels, including events that require little to no experience at all. And, we attempt to keep events as low-cost as possible. A majority of our events take place right here in Maryland, but occasionally we visit our neighboring states or travel further away from home. The MOC is FREE to join. We are 100% volunteer-run, relying on our members to organize our events.
Atlanta Outdoor Club
Founded 2000
The Atlanta Outdoor Club (AOC) is an outdoor event-oriented social club, offering a wide variety of outdoor events to young-hearted, active adults. Whether you are new to the Atlanta area or have lived here your whole life, the AOC is a great way to explore the outdoors of Georgia, the Southeast, and sometimes beyond, with a fun, friendly, and active group. AOC has outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, caving, mountain biking, white water rafting, paddling, as well as a monthly social event, and "special" outdoor activities such as survival skills classes, hang-gliding, sailing, scuba diving, and environmental support projects.

My Organizational Skills

Project Management
Event Planning