Bird Drawing by Amy Pickwick


I have a passion for creating things.  Where there is a need, I’ll fill it.  Whether that is through digital marketing, or through establishing social organizations such as the Atlanta Outdoor Club and Maryland Outdoor Club, and through putting my artistic talents into the everyday projects I do around the house.

- Social Media

I help brands articulate their message through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, and much more. I often help with the initial setup and branding and either train in-house staff on updating or am available for a monthly retainer.

+ WordPress

Using WordPress at least five years now daily, I can get a new site up and running with a custom-applied theme within a day. Familiar with the best plugins, and responsive theme web sites, I also go through extra steps to ensure thorough SEO.

+ Artistic

Through much of grammar school, I took private art lessons, in addition to focusing on art through school. At the University level, I minored in Studio Art, which included classes like drawing, mixed media, 3D, digital, and advertising. I also love experimenting with photography.


I love tackling projects around the house or for event planning that require attention to detail or cost savings.

Sample Work

My Creative Talents

Social Media