I am that person that sees a new road and not only wants to know where it goes, but actually takes it to see where it goes.  I will try nearly any adventure that doesn’t involve great heights (major climbs or skydiving), claustrophobia (spelunking), or a greater than norm fatality rate (whitewater kayaking or skydiving).  Some of the many things I’m still doing and/or have dabbled in the past: camping, hiking, paddling, biking, tubing, guided whitewater rafting, zip-lining (both Hawaii and Costa Rica), para-sailing, horseback riding, SCUBA, races, triathlons, hot air ballooning, traveling both domestically and abroad.  I also love animals and especially fond of both felines and swines.  And, last but not least, within the past ten years or so, gotten into the world of craft beers.  Not only do I like visiting breweries worldwide (Stiegl, Guinness, Dogfish Head, Victory, Yuengling [both PA & FL], Heavy Seas, just to name a few), but I also like home-brewing.

- Travel

I have been to half of the United States, including Hawaii, but not Alaska. While in Hawaii, visited both Kauai and Oahu. Also been to Costa Rica, Bermuda, Ireland, the Isle of Man, southern Germany (Bayern / Bavaria), Austria, Canada, and Mexico (if you count just crossing over the border for a day-trip). Some of my favorite places to travel: New Orleans (been there seven times in the past dozen years, primarily for Jazz Fest), Tsali Recreation Area in TN, and recently Asheville, NC. Some of the places that are still on my wishlist: England, Holland, Spain, the Florida Keys, Caribbean, Italy (Venice/Rome), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Australia, New Zealand, and Peru. Oddly, I'd also like to visit Frankenmuth,'s a Bavarian thing.

+ Kayaking

I first got into paddling in college, with a trip to Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada, a week-long lake to lake paddle. Following college, I mainly rented kayaks here and there, but I found that it was limiting me with where I wanted to go. So, in 2012, I purchased my first kayak, and later a second, to take to the water anywhere that I could. Since 2012, I have visited: Triadelphia Reservoir, Rocky Gorge Reservoir, Patapsco at Daniels Dam, Annapolis harbor, Mattawoman Creek, Mallows Bay, Piney Run Park, Tuckahoe State Park, Elkneck State Park, Bayside at Dewey, DE, and probably more I can't recall. Additionally, I have paddled in both Hawaii and Costa Rica, with rentals. I love being on the (relatively-flat) water.

+ Hiking

I started hiking pretty much when I could first walk. My dad, an avid outdoorsman, showed me the many trails in and around Frederick County, where I grew up. In my university's outdoor club, I also took to some new trails. Some of my favorite hikes: Old Rag (Shenandoah), Billy Goat Trail (D.C.), Mound Builder Trail (D.C.), Sugarloaf Mountain (Frederick), Gambrills State Park (Frederick), Gunpowder Falls State Park (Baltimore), Kalalau Trail (Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii), Appalachian Trail (especially my summit at Mt. Washington, N.H., by way of Tuckerman's Ravine). I have even hiked hillside in Bayern, Germany!

+ Camping

Camping, geez, where have I not camped is a better question! I've camped in nearly every single state park in Maryland, and even beyond. Some of my favorite camping locations: Algonquin Provincial Park (CAN), Niagara Falls (CAN), Ricketts Glen (PA), Black Rock Mountain State Park (GA), Green Ridge State Park (MD), Assateague Island National Seashore (MD). I've also camped and stayed in a few different hostels on the Appalachian Trail, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. My absolute most memorable trail stays were on the Appalachian Trail in N.H. however, in A.M.C.-managed huts, near Mt. Washington. Lake of the Clouds has a view like no other.

+ Geocaching

Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that's happening right now, all around you. There are 2.3MM active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide. I've provided geocaching lessons through the Maryland Outdoor Club. And, I've found geocaches in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Georgia, and Florida, to name a few. Some I've found by boat, others biking, and the rest, hiking or walking. I've even placed two trackables / travel bugs, that I love getting updates on.

+ Craft Beer

The documentary Beer Wars was debuted at select movie theaters nationwide in 2009. That was the year I got back into beer. Not only did I get back into beer, I started drinking the good stuff. Yes, the stuff full of calories. It's yummy. Naturally, I wanted to learn how it was made, so I started touring all kinds of breweries in the Mid-Atlantic and internationally too, and started attending every free "Homebrew 101" class I could find, and lending a hand to friends who brew. I love visiting Beer City, USA (Asheville, NC) for all their local brews. I'm even on Untappd under webamy76 and started a beer blog at

Sights I've Seen

June 2013
Explored southern Germany and Salzburg, Austria with Eric and my parents.
March 2011
Went on a week-long adventure with the Atlanta Outdoor Club in Costa Rica.
May 2009
Took in breath-taking sights in Kauai and Oahu with Maryland Outdoor Club friends.

Up for Adventure

Craft Beer