About Amy

I was born Amy Lynn Pickwick just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in 1976, of German and English descendant. My parents, from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, had moved to Georgia upon graduation from York College. I lived in Snellville until I was 3, when we relocated to Frederick, Maryland. My brother was born soon thereafter.

Growing Up

I lived in Frederick, Maryland for approximately 14 years, before heading off to Salisbury University on the eastern side of Maryland. There, I studied Business Administration with a Marketing concentration, and Studio Art minor. At the end of my sophomore year, my parents and brother moved back to the Atlanta area just before the 1996 Olympic Games began. I decided to stay behind in Maryland and finish out my remaining years at SU.

While in college, I worked in various jobs on the campus; University Host, Freshman Orientation Instructor, Alumni Association Fund Raiser, Conference Assistant, and Assistant Manager for the Academic Computer Labs. I also was an active participant in the college outdoor club, held officer positions with two residence halls and the college chapter of the American Marketing Association, and had a weekly radio show on the campus radio station with a classmate.

Career Development

The day after graduation, I joined my family in Atlanta, where I immediately began searching for a career opportunity in Marketing. As odd as it seemed to me at the time, I interviewed and fell in love with a technical support position at HostAmerica, a company owned by Interliant, Inc. I really, really liked the atmosphere there. A year into the technical support position, I moved into the Marketing department as a corporate web site designer/developer, where I stayed for two years. Over the course of my second year in this position, Interliant trimmed its staff down to about half the original number (because of the economic down-turn in the IT industry). My position unfortunately got hit with a pink slip.

Months before the layoff, I had founded an organization in Atlanta, called the Atlanta Outdoor Club, and had built a simple web site to get it off the ground. I had also just begun interning for the marketing and promotions department at 99X, an alternative rock radio station in Atlanta.

When I got laidoff, I decided to leave Georgia and move back to Maryland, where I felt more at home. I co-founded and ran a hosting business, Tivilon, Inc., from 2001 to 2003.

In 2002, I founded the Maryland Outdoor Club, sister club to the one I had started in 2000 in Georgia. It quickly became popular.

In mid-August 2003, I was hired by Cygnus Business Media as a web designer for two of their interactive magazine web sites: firehouse.com and officer.com. In early 2005, I was promoted to web site manager, where I managed 10 publication, expo, and/or portions of the corporate web site. In early 2006, I was promoted to marketing manager – seo, for the Interactive Division.

In January 2007, I moved on from my role at Cygnus Business Media to join USinternetworking, Inc., (USi), an AT&T company, in Annapolis, MD. I served as the marketing communications manager responsible for the corporate web site content, search engine optimization, and strategic online marketing planning.

2009 brought new changes… I moved over to start-up Go Forward Media, as senior project manager, in early April. Here, I work with a staff of previous coworkers (from Cygnus Business Media). In this role, I manage interactive projects (web sites, e-mail newsletters, webcasts, podcasts, social media and networking campaigns, and much more).

I have been in Central Maryland for over ten years now, and own a cat and a dog (both rescues).  Until the next chapter…